'BLISSTECH' is smart AI healthcare device company.

Healthcare Company BLISSTECH

Blisstech which is headquartered in bundang-gu, seongnam-si, gyeonggi-do, south korea is a healthcare startup. CEO Kyung-Bum Kim of this company who was an engineer had a desire to make products that could exert a little more immediate influence on society and help the vulnerable. In the meantime, he found out that the current domestic pressure ulcer treatment industry was very fragile, and founded blisstech to develop smart healthcare products for the elderly. As a result, blisstech which made the bedsore prevention mat 'BedsoreM' and the smart health monitoring brooch 'ODeLa' was selected as the best company in the preliminary start-up package, the minister of education award for excellence in the youth startup academy midterm evaluation, and the CES Innovation Award for two consecutive years, recognized for its corporate competitiveness and product power. Based on this, blisstech is currently conducting clinical tests on products in cooperation with seoul national university bundang hospital and severance hospital. As the effect of the products has been proven, the company signed a business agreement with Korean association of wound ostomy continence nurses.

In facts, because easg individual's conditions or environment may vary, there is no product in the world tha can prepare for every situation. However, our company has enjoyed taking positive response by introducing a technology that incorporates the deep learning skeleton technology to create a product to ensure that the patients with as many cases as possible ban be fully cared for.

6 Patents Registration

  • 1
    NO. 10-2022-0167445 / 2022.12.05 Desire prevention technology with motion machine vision and AI technology
  • 2
  • 3
    NO. 10-2022-0030743 / 2022.03.11 EMS Pad Optimal CNT Composition Technology Overcoming Degradation
  • 4
    NO. 10-2022-0030744 / 2022.10.14 EMS pad optimal CNT composition technology for microvibration of pressure ulcer management device
  • 5
    NO. 10-2022-0131959 / 2022.10.14 BEDSORE PREVENTION MAT
  • 6
    NO. 10-2022-0131960 / 2022.10.14 Carbon nanotubes/silicon pads for improved electromyographic stimulation
  • 7
    NO. 10-2022-0131963 / 2022.10.14 High energy conversion lead-free piezoelectric fiber generator
  • 8
    NO. 40-2022-0190705(Brand) / 2022.10.19 BEDSOREM (type 10)
  • 9
    NO. 40-2022-0190708(Brand) / 2022.10.19 BEDSOREM (type 35)
  • 10
    NO. 30-2022-0042672(Design) / 2022.10.19 BEDSORE PREVENTION MAT