12 years of experience in technology development and commercialization.

Kyungbum, Kim CEO

  • Q
    We've heard that you have made the product by supplementing the shortcomings of the existing product and by introducing the latest technology when developing.
  • A
    The bedsore prevention mat was developed with deep learning technology that takes care temperature and humidity in the conventional air pressure method. In facts, because individual's conditions or environment, there is no product in the world that can prepare for every situation. However, our company has enjoyed taking positive response by introducing a technology that incorporates the deep learning skeleton technology to create a product to ensure that the patients with as many cases as possible can be fully cared for.
  • Q
    Please describe the BLISSTECH product in a single word.
  • A
    It may be said that it is a leader of the elderly welfare care that incorporates the ICT technology.
  • Q
    BLISSTECH has won many awards for developing the amart bedsore prevention mat.
  • A
    On top of being selected as a company of excellence for the pre-startup package, we have won various awards such as excellent mid-term evaluation by the KOSME, the Minister of Education Award, and the CES innovation Award for 2022 and 2023 consecutively.
  • Major

    - Master's and Ph.D. in Material Engineering at Korea University, and Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering at Hanyang University

    - 28 patents in addition to "non-face-to-face anti-bacterial smart suits with health monitoring"

    - 2019 Hanyang University Innovation Award "Excellent Award", 2020 CES Innovation Award, 2021 Red dot award, 2020 IDEA Award, 2020 Hanyang Graduate School Ph.D. Award, Korea Research Foundation's Emerging Research Minister's Award, 2022 Youth Award

  • Main Career

    - Korea Institute of Production Technology, Korea Institute of Science and Technology

    - Professor of Industry-Academic Cooperation at Hanyang University

    - Busan National University's Research Institute of Production Technology

    - 12 years of experience in technology development and commercialization through work at national research institutes and universities, multiple intellectual property rights such as performing national tasks and patenting papers, and winning international awards at home and abroad